Saturday June, 19 2010

Today was the first day of Westminster (Maryland) Farmers market and all went well. As usual we never have enough vegetables or variety at the beginning of the season to satisfy demand. I never knew so many people liked beets and I never knew I liked beets. The other day I even had beet leaves and diced beets in a green salad and they were great. along with everything else we have to grow more beets, including the orange and white varieties. Other veggies that went quickly were new onions, lettuce, and peas. Hopefully next week we will begin to have eggplant, summer squash and possibly cucumbers and new potatoes.

Many times just after sunset we walk the dogs out the lane and at this time of year I am always amazed at the amount of fireflies. We have a meadow along a stream and wetland area that is perfect habitat for fireflies. If you watch it becomes obvious that there is a pattern to all the flashing. My understanding is it’s the males flying about trying to attract the attention of the female firefly – go figure. And last but not least firefly larvae are predators of slugs and that is a very good thing in my garden.

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  1. Jennie says:

    Love the new website, Mom and Dad. Looking forward to seeing more pictures. I have a native Liatris Spicata going to seed in my garden. Can I harvest some seeds for you?

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