Chestnut Creek Farm was established in 2005 by Jeffrey and Jan White. The sixty-four acre farm located in Carroll County is compromised of rolling forested hills, flat lowland meadows, fields in production, a pond, and several streams. The majority of tillable acreage is kept in corn and soybeans using no-till farming. The fields nearest the farmstead rotate between vegetables grown for the family and farmers market and legumes (to restore soil quality). Blueberry bushes were planted in 2007 and came into production in 2010. A small orchard comprised of apple, peach, pear and plum trees has been started. We also raise some pastured turkeys that are available in November for Thanksgiving.  It is our aim to bring fresh, organically grown produce to consumers in our area and to increase awareness of what small family farms can bring to the community.

In tandem with the vegetable, fruit and grain crop production, we also work with State and County governments and the University of Maryland to make Chestnut Creek Farm a sustainable and environmentally responsible enterprise. These projects include reforesting the stream banks and cover crop and experiments to control noxious weeds. For more information on our projects, please visit the Initiatives page.

In 2010, we began offering CSA memberships at $30 per week to interested parties, with 3 membership options. We hope to expand the effort in 2011.  Our season will run from the end of May through the first week of September. We intend to carry a wide range of vegetables, greens, culinary herbs and flowers. Another new offering will be blueberries and some strawberries. E-mail us at chestnutcreekfarm@gmail.com or call 401-259-3023 and ask Jan for a contract and an information sheet!